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Sanquin, optimization when it really matters!
Sanquin is responsible for safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands. Sanquin has been working with AMCS route optimization solution since 2015. This solution provides insight into the planning of critical routes. Sanquin now knows where the trucks are, the status of the route and they can inform customers better.
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Route and Transportation optimisation
Exponential technology is driving change in almost every industry, and business models are shifting. To stay competitive, the supply chain in your industry must be optimized, predictable and reliable all at the same time. At AMCS we are taking things to the next level. With Intelligent Optimisation you can operate with the agility your customers need, and have come to expect. Achieve the highest level of customer engagement and continuously improve your margins with our superior forecasting, time slotting and price optimisation capabilities.
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AES helper with bins and truck
AES, highly improved customer service
Ciaran Brady, Head of Resource Recovery: "Since AES has invested in the technology from AMCS, they’ve been able to achieve the highest RepTrak scoring ever within the company for a bin company in Ireland. That is why technology works in our industry."
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Alba Group, Digital future
Every day over 2,000 vehicles transport all waste and substances safely and cleanly from around 200,000 customer collection points to its plants and transfer sites. AMCS Vehicle Route Planning is a good starting point into a digital future for the ALBA Group.
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