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The Internet of Things

Is your waste business agile?

The Internet of Things Technology has always had an impact on business processes and services, and increasing digitalization within the waste management industry, has proven to be an inevitable and unstoppable development. Waste businesses are risking their existence by adopting ICT too little and too late compared to other industry players. Unlike other industries, the majority of funds in the waste sector are still spent on the procurement of trucks, containers or installations. Business as usual, but not game changing and a lacking in the strategy demonstrated in other sectors.

New demands – go agile! 

Digitalization has changed the traditional relationship between customer and company. In the new digital service landscape the customer is in control, and this change places new and greater demands on waste companies which are expected to provide an agile and engaged 24-hour service.

Customers want to communicate using different digital platforms such as social media and mobile app’s. They expect a flexible and responsive service, and they want to
have an insight into the order process, along the way. One example of this could be a restaurateur who has an urgent need for waste collection. He or she should be able to register this need in a mobile app or from an IoT device and thereby quickly enjoy waste collection on demand.

Although this need for agility and digitalization might seem demanding and costly for waste businesses, it can actually be turned into a very profitable process in which companies can achieve:

Paperless communication and workflow

Collection and integration of all systems

Accurate invoicing

Compliance agreements to encourage greater trust and customer satisfaction

Huge financial savings

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