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22 jun 2020

Swedish FTI reduces environmental footprint with smart route optimisation

AMCS Route Planner enables optimisation of all transport-related workflows

Limerick, Ireland, June 22, FTI Förpacknings & Tidnings Insamlingen implements AMCS Route Planner for the planning and optimisation of the routes for emptying containers, part of the national network for collection of packaging and paper for recycling. Route Planner provides intelligent optimisation that enables FTI, headquartered in Solna, Sweden, to optimise all transport-related workflows. "With this, the smart optimisation software both contributes to operational efficiency and cutting costs while at the same time reducing the environmental footprint", says Jan Tønder, Nordic Sales Director at AMCS Denmark.

More efficient collection routes lead to reduction of environmental footprint

The producer responsibility law obliges Swedish producers to collect their packaging and newspapers. FTI is the national collection organisation responsible to carry this out and therefore collaborates with a network of 200+ companies ranging from collection to cleaning. AMCS Route Planner is a state-of-the-art IT system with which FTI is able to optimise all the collection routes. Therefore, collecting routes can be planned significantly more efficiently, according to Tønder. “In general, AMCS’ customers typically increase efficiency from 5%-25%.”

AMCS Route Planner enables FTI to optimise all transport-related workflows. Tønder: “For FTI this positively results in cost reductions for transport, measured on reduced time on the roads and mileage for the vehicles, which again leads to improved utilisation of the collection vehicles. In addition, reducing time spent on the roads reduces the amount of CO2 emissions as well. For FTI it is as important to reduce the environmental footprint, as it is to improve efficiency and cut costs.”

“Proactively using modern technology ensures efficiency”

“The algorithms performing the route optimisation are applicable for a variety of industries and transport types, both distribution and in FTI’s case for the waste management and recycling industry”, Tønder explains. “The smart optimisation software has the ability to plan thousands and thousands of orders into new master routes as well as operational routes. With this, it provides companies with a series of planning features, for instance, to carry out periodic master route optimisation with different seasonal plans, and efficiently insert new collections into the existing master plans. In addition, day-to-day operational routes can be planned and it’s possible to make changes on the fly and add ad-hoc orders.”

According to Fredrik Gemfors, head of collections at FTI, they look forward to harvesting the benefits from implementing AMCS Route Planner: “We aim for reductions in environmental footprint and cost reductions. Proactively using modern technology ensures efficiency and gives us the possibility to really benefit from digitalisation.”

Jan Tønder, Nordic Sales Director at AMCS Denmark: “AMCS Route Planner is one of the most advanced global solutions for transport optimisation and route planning based on optimisation algorithms. Being in the market since 1975, we are the market leader in the Nordics and have a strong presence in Europe and the rest of the world with satisfied customers not only in the waste and recycling industry but also in other sectors like building materials, oil & gas, postal service, home deliveries and distribution.”