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27 sep 2018

Cementir extends collaboration with AMCS

“The right partner with global expertise, targets and language.”

Rutt- och verksamhetsoptimering

Timing is everything. Especially in the logistics business. The time window for some deliveries or pick-ups/collections is often extremely narrow. Having the right logistics solution is crucial if companies are to meet and exceed the on-demand, real-time expectations of today’s customers, which is why many top companies are using the AMCS platform across their entire network. The AMCS platform software ranges from advanced route planning to real-time based systems for planning, optimisation, dispatching, execution and control.

The Cementir Group

One company taking full advantage of the logistics solutions provided by AMCS, is Cementir.  For many years, Cementir has relied on the AMCS platform for the logistics planning of its cement and ready-mix concrete business in the Nordic countries. An Italian multinational company based in Rome, with sub-companies all over the globe, Cementir produces and distributes grey and white cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates and concrete products. Cementir has sub-companies in Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, Poland, Iceland, Russia, USA, UK, Malaysia, Egypt, China and Turkey.

Extending its collaboration

Cementir is strengthening its collaboration with AMCS by extending the use of the AMCS logistics platform to a newly acquired Belgium company called CCB (Compagnie des Ciments Belges). CCB specialises in quarrying for the production of cement, aggregates and concrete. “This is the biggest project we are working on with AMCS at the moment,” said Giacomo Cornetti, Chief Information Technology Officer at Cementir.

Digital enhanced, two-way solutions

Regarding enhanced logistics planning for the cement business, Cementir is also extending the use of AMCS Fleet Planner in the Nordic countries by adding more functionality to the basic solution, which has been in place for many years.  It’s an outstanding tool for planning, optimising, and executing dynamic and real-time-based transport.  Planned routes can be communicated directly to the drivers from Fleet Planner, with the aid of AMCS Mobile Web. “We are enhancing the existing solution we have in Denmark and Norway with the AMCS Mobile Web application,” said Cornetti. “We did that already in Norway, and now we are deploying this application in Denmark.”

Timing is essential

“Customers need very precise delivery times,” said Cornetti. “We can follow up minute-by-minute on deliveries. This is crucial when delivering concrete. Timing is essential for customers in the building industry. AMCS Fleet Planner is essential to get this timing right. We consider it the most reliable and best working solution we have worked with. That is why we are extending it to other companies and businesses in the Cementir Group.”

Higher revenues

“There are major benefits from using AMCS Fleet Planner,” said Cornetti. “We are optimising the management of our fleet and getting value from our logistics execution. We are also very accurate when planning deliveries, flexible in making quick changes to deliveries, and in demonstrating attention to detail when following up on tracking data. By triggering their needs, we can gain more value for customers. All in all, we can increase the overall efficiency of the end to end logistics execution process.”

Logistics is core

With the current implementation of the AMCS platform, Cementir is standardising the solution throughout the group. “We aim to have a solution that we can use everywhere and export globally,” said Cornetti. “We look to deploy best-practise processes throughout our organisation. This allows us to compare, to benchmark and to get the same advantages everywhere. Logistics is a core process to differentiate our value proposition in the market.”

Two-way driver communication

Cementir has recently looked at ways to improve communication with its drivers. “Currently, business-driver communication is already in place” said Cornetti. “we update drivers about their next job or next route. With AMCS Mobile Web, we can also gather information about additional services that we deliver, and we are able to substitute rugged devices with smartphones to have a more efficient communication pattern with them.”

In-depth business knowledge

“What we greatly appreciate with AMCS is their in-depth knowledge of our business,” says Cornetti. “The AMCS team that we are working with in Denmark are really into our business and our solution. We developed it together, so they really know our needs, our business characteristics and how we work. This collaboration works well.”

Global expertise

“We see AMCS as our collaboration partner, working together towards a mutual goal,” says Cornetti. “If we want to extend the partnership, we have to build a global delivery model to be able to work efficiently in all our regions in the world. For this, AMCS must be responsive to our needs with global expertise, targets and language. A global partner means having someone that can deliver everywhere, with the right competence and mix of skills. Our future vision is to deploy the solution across our global group. Currently, we are looking at organisations within our group that use outdated solutions that we can replace. This means working closely with AMCS to achieve this goal.”

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