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31 maj 2016

ALBA Group to automate vehicle route planning with AMCS

AMCS, the leading supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the waste, recycling and resource sector has signed an agreement with leading recycling and environmental services provider ALBA Group.

The agreement, with a value of €2 million, will see AMCS implement it’s Fleet Planner and Mobile products across ALBA Group’s fleet in Germany, replacing existing manual systems.  The end-to-end solution will include operations software, mobile devices for drivers and on-board hardware for over 600 vehicles.  It will fully integrate with the ALBA Group’s SAP system.

Optimizing its skip vehicle routes will enable ALBA Group to unlock a number of commercial and environmental benefits resulting from reductions in emissions, mileage and driving time.  The ability to increase the productivity of the fleet will also help optimize its size ensuring every vehicle is operating at full capacity.  There will also be significant improvements in administration. Planning time can be cut by anywhere from 60-90% and reductions in the number of missed lifts will help to improve service levels and reduce the volume of queries and complaints received.

Commenting on the contract Matthias Redeker, Head of Logistics Segment Waste and Metals ALBA Group said: “We are constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently and improve the quality of the service we provide.  The automation of our route planning will enable us control our costs, further reduce our environmental impact and enhance our customers’ experience.”

“AMCS offers the most complete solution in the current market together with built-in integration for our other business systems.  From the outset we have had a very positive relationship with the AMCS team and we look forward to rolling the system out across our fleet and back-office.”

Martijn Schimmer, Regional Manager for Benelux and DACH, AMCS, said: “ALBA Group is one of the world’s leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers.  The trial work we undertook with ALBA Group prior to signing the contract indicated that it will be possible to improve efficiency in their skip fleet operation by anything from 10-25%.  We look forward to working with the ALBA team to mobilize the new system and start to realize the commercial and environmental benefits that it is capable of delivering.”  


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