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Webinar on demand: Is your Fuel Supply Chain optimised with VMI?

AMCS Intelligent Optimisation | Very Efficient Webinar series

Is your fuel supply chain optimised with VMI?

Part of the Downstream Fuel Distribution series

Learn about how Vendor Managed Inventory can play a crucial role in making your fuel distribution operations as optimised, efficient, and profitable as possible, while also enhancing customer service.

Time is precious, so this webinar on demand will take just 20 minutes, but could result in very significant time & cost savings in your Fuel Distribution operations.

Optimised distribution is a cornerstone of operational efficiency in the Retail Fuel and other downstream fuel and oil sectors. Efficient downstream fuel distribution must take fuel stocks, ongoing consumption, and regular replenishment into account in order to be truly optimized.

This means that the supplier and the customer (retailer, distributor, etc.) need to efficiently and automatically share knowledge about required stock levels at any time - now and in the future - in order to enable lean, just-in-time replenishment that cuts down on dry-runs as well as preventing unwanted and costly inventory build-up.

In this webinar on demand, AMCS will introduce Fuel Planner, with a special focus on the features and functionalities around VMI, such as how to:

  • forecast consumption
  • create automatic replenishment orders
  • handle the actual distribution

Jan Tønder, Head of Sales for AMCS Intelligent Optimisation and a long-time veteran of route and transport optimisation based at the AMCS Routing Center of Excellence in Copenhagen, is presenting this webinar.