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06 nov 2019 11:00

06 nov 2019 11:30

ICT & Logistiek seminar: How to juggle 30 ton concrete trucks

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht - theatre 2 - Transport & Distributie

How to juggle 30 ton concrete trucks

The best jugglers in the world can juggle at most 15 balls in the air at once.

In this talk I will try to explore the problem of juggling 22 thirty ton concrete trucks. 

For constructing the Niels Bohr research institute in Copenhagen, Unicon Denmark delivered 3.827 m3 of concrete to cast a single solid slab of foundation. 

The operation lasted 33 hours and required 2 pumps and 22 concrete trucks in complete synchronosity with the building site, arriving exactly 5 min apart.

This extreme precision requires you to constantly gauge your operation and adjust your rhythm and delivery speed, so you don't end up dropping the ball on it.