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05 nov 2019 11:00

05 nov 2019 11:30

ICT & Logistics - Cementir 4.0: AMCS Fleet planner for logistics and optimisation

Jaarbeurs, Utrecht - theater 2 - Transport & Distributie

Join our informative seminar on how to optimise route optimisation.

In this session we discuss a best practice on route optimization in the ready-mix concrete industry. The session is presented by: Stefan Carpentier - RMX Logistics & Operations Manager.

Stefan is a ready-mix concrete professional with extensive national and international experience, both commercially, operationally and in Supply Chain. In the ready-mix industry, transport costs are easily 30% of the total costs, which means that the sector is fully committed to logistical optimisation.

As a Logistics Manager at CCB, he is one of the founders of successfully digitising and optimising production planning and outbound logistics.

CCB - Compagnie Des Ciments Belges - is part of the Cementir Group. CCB produces cement, granulates and ready-mix concrete.

For its 14 ready-mix concrete plants, CCB successfully uses Fleetplanner for its production planning and logistics.

AMCS thus plays an important role in enabling the digitisation process.