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26 sep 2019 14:00


How to Improve Efficiency Within Oil and Petrol Distribution

Learn how to address the many challenges for optimising route planning


The distribution of liquid fuel involves many different forms of transport, including areas like domestic heating oil as well as diesel and petrol for service stations and industrial customers. All these types of distribution, along with internal transport, pose great challenges to the route planning abilities of the distributor.

Watch this on-demand AMCS webinar on oil distribution planning and optimisation. We will introduce you to our advanced and standardised solution to make distribution more efficient and environmentally safe by introducing intelligent route optimisation tools.

The AMCS planning system enables petroleum companies to deliver better customer service. It enables major cost savings and CO2 emission reductions in your oil and petrol distribution. Moreover, it decreases planning time drastically and assists you in improving your route quality.

Powerful Oil Features

In order to handle the special demands within oil and petrol distribution, the AMCS planning system is equipped with unique features such as:

  • Compartment planning according to rules for e.g. gravity orders, cross-compartment contamination and sequencing
  • Indication of actual vehicle stock level per compartment (volume and weight)
  • Handling of volume deviations in connection with loading and unloading (planned versus needed volume)
  • Ability to forecast stock level on tanks and automatically release orders for planning
  • Planning with regional restrictions such as environmental zones and congestion charge areas
  • Prioritisation of orders in terms of costs versus service demands

The many features and modelling opportunities make it possible to perform a highly valuable optimisation which covers the unique aspects of oil and petrol distribution.

Watch this webinar and learn more about our solutions and the many customers that have already implemented this proven optimisation solution for downstream oil distribution.