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09 mar 2020

Intelligent optimisation drives efficiencies in construction and demolition waste logistics

Rutt- och verksamhetsoptimering

Due to the complexity, optimisation of the construction and demolition waste logistics are a true challenge in every aspect. Largely automating the waste logistics with intelligent optimisation provides an integrated solution by enabling real-time planning, monitoring the execution of orders and vehicles, to re-plan or to re-optimise when necessary for instance if orders change during the day. Intelligent optimisation improves operational efficiencies, margins, customer service and usability of resources. At the same time, it reduces mileages lowering the impact on the environment and contributing to a circular economy.

Complex planning and dispatching

Many different aspects are driving the complexity of the construction and demolition waste logistics mainly caused by the different orders and job types, the many possible ways of organising them and combined with ad-hoc orders. This process is also affected by the various types and sizes of containers, stacking them in different ways and the customers' restrictions, like servicing them within a specific time window and a designated disposal site.

At companies where the planning is not automated and optimized it is quite a challenge to meet customer expectations often resulting in poor customer service. Complexity also leads to low margins and profitability through inefficiencies and a very poor insight in the cost and margins across the entire business and also on an individual customer order level. As planning and dispatching are complex there can also be low utilisation of resources and vehicles. In addition to that, there is a lot of work. Not only the planning and dispatching but also monitoring and answering the customer queries for instance if the order is not executed within the agreed time frame.

Automating construction and demolition waste logistics

Given the complexity and the many variations associated with the planning of construction and demolition waste, it can be very beneficial to automate as much as possible the construction and demolition waste logistics thus reducing the time of the planning, but also increasing the reliability of the planning, meeting customer service demands. Integrating the planning with the execution enables handling orders in real-time and helps to understand the consequence of the deviations of the planning instantly as they occur.

This provides possibilities to re-plan and to re-optimise orders and to pro-actively inform customers, while at the same time meeting their expectations. It also improves the visibility of the fleet by showing on a map where the vehicles are and thus providing important information such as if vehicles are running behind or ahead of schedule allowing the planner to, for example, decide to allocate an urgent order to a certain vehicle where the capacity exists.

Overcoming complexity while significant improvements are made

Intelligent optimisation is overcoming the complexity and challenges of construction and demolition waste logistics driving operational efficiencies resulting in huge savings from 5% to 20% in mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions, 5% to 15% reduction in the number of vehicles and 25% to 50% reduction in time spent on planning and administration. In addition to that, there is also a significant decrease in time spent on follow-up through the use of integrated IT systems.

Intelligent optimisation also contributes to superior customer satisfaction by significantly improving customer service levels and visit accuracy, digital engagement and customer self-service. Besides that, there are precise and short response time on customer requests with ongoing ETA updates to customers and proactive handling of service issues ensuring on-demand and just in time collection management.

Need to know more?

Are you interested to know more about the complexity of the construction and demolition waste logistics and how intelligent optimisation is the answer to those challenges? Please have a look at the video of the webinar ‘Overcoming the hurdles in the construction and demolition waste industry’ in which expert Rogier de Klein talks you through planning and dispatching with intelligent optimisation. Rogier’s talks start at 25:50 minute.

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