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Innovativt ruttoptimeringssystem för avfallshämtning hos privata bostäder och företag.

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AMCS gör det möjligt för våra avfallshanteringskunder att maximalt utnyttja tillgänglig budget genom att öka effektiviteten via ruttoptimering, containerhantering och realtidsinsyn i insamlingsförloppet. 


Ruttplanering för avfalls- och återvinningsbranschen

Improving waste collection and transportation efficiency

Collection and transportation of waste is highly challenging and the different types of collection and transport involved in e.g. commercial, industrial and domestic waste management have various and complex demands. Therefore, the type of waste collection/transportation determines the needs regarding the planning type i.e. master routes planning, dynamic routes optimisation, real-time route execution and route re-planning.

Moreover, the type of waste collection/transportation determines the demands regarding the planning logic i.e. high-density versus low-density routes, overlapping versus non-overlapping routes, waste mixing restriction, environmental areas, waste prices, disposal site restrictions, visit patterns and stock level forecasting and measuring.

AMCS Waste Planner

AMCS Waste Planner is the ideal IT system for planning and optimisation of all types of transportation and collection in the waste industry. The solution consists of various elements with functionality, which can be configured to cover exactly the needs of the customer. This means that customers can for example choose to have the system be implemented with the purpose of only optimizing master routes or only performing dynamic planning and execution.

Different planning needs

The system has a powerful engine for optimising master routes, inserting customer and ad hoc orders into existing master routes and for daily batch-based route optimisation. These capabilities are especially relevant for domestic and commercial waste routes.

The system also supports dynamic and real-time-based optimisations, which can either perform batch or incremental planning. For incremental planning the system will continuously change and re-optimise plans as orders are received, perform time slotting and pricing for new customers and ad hoc orders, as well as re-optimise routes in real time, based on GPS and status messages from a mobile system. These capabilities are especially relevant in connection with the actual execution based on master routes and for industrial waste like roll-on/roll-off containers.


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